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We know that your riding clothes take a beating. Sweat and slobber mean a good day spent. That's why we took a year to test the performance of our fabrics before bringing them to you.  Our prints come on a soft, brushed base layer and our solids have a smooth, lighter weight finish. All of our fabrics are anti-microbial and have a built in UPF 30+. They are washer friendly, because hey, we live in the real world. 


Care Instructions to extend the life of your garments:

  • Machine wash cold, gentle cycle, with like colors and fabrics.
  • Spot treat stains prior to washing. Do not use bleach.
  • Avoid damage to fabrics by not washing with outerwear, denim, or towels.
  • Zip up zippers! For styles with buttons, we recommend you button and turn inside out.
  • For styles with special trim or mesh (Like the Vivian, Bambi and the Heather), we recommend washing in a delicates or mesh bag. 
  • We recommend hanging or laying flat to dry.
  • Don't forget to wear - and ride - with love.